About me

Pablo Diego

My name is Pablo Diego, I am 21 years old and I am from Cantabria, Spain.

My goal in this world is to be an artist and to be able to make a living from it one day since that is what I have been preparing for so far, after attending several minor art schools in Cantabria I decided it was time to look for major leagues and I went to the Barcelona Academy of Art where I entered as the youngest student at the age of 18 and my stay there was 3 years.

I started with the drawing program where I learned the basics of Charles Bargue where I discovered the art of volume and form through lines and shadows through graphite. Little by little I climbed through different programs such as the “cast” and the “longposes” which are academic exercises of the naked body and representation of sculptures on paper and canvas.

As I progressed, I absorbed the knowledge and the more I got into the theory the more it fascinated me since it seemed magical to me to represent realism through illusions with which people can interact and criticize.

My study is the search for that realism with the illusion of color and brushstroke since behind the realization of the work a lot of theory is hidden that I will show you over time.